Introducing StashCache.

Now you can always have the list of what’s in your stash on hand – and it will tell you what you’re missing to complete that next pattern.  No more accidentally buying duplicates.

(Unless you want to. I won’t tell.)



Type up your stash list on a computer instead of a phone or tablet keyboard and import it. Imports add to the existing list, so you can add to your stash list at your own pace.

Edit any item in the stash, from patterns and fabric to threads and embellishments, including how much you own or what the materials list for a pattern is.

Your data is yours. Export the stash list as a human-readable text file to keep for back-up or import on another device (syncing the old fashioned way!). It’s also easy to export the information for a specific pattern to share with a friend.

Once you’ve marked a pattern as kitted, check the shopping list to see what you need to buy. It shows what patterns you need fabric for, along with any threads and embellishments that you don’t already have (or have enough of!) in your stash.

Record when you started and completed a pattern, along with notes about that particular project. Keep track of previous finishes so you know what fabric you used for that piece or which substitutions you made!

If you’re stitching from stash, the app shows you all fabric you own that could fit a pattern.  If you want new fabric, there’s a built-in fabric calculator that tells you how much you need – just choose the count, whether you stitch over 1 or over 2, and what size you’d like the borders to be.

More Questions?

I’ve worked hard to create an app I think is useful and I’d like for you to find it helpful as well. That being said, what’s obvious to me as the author may not be obvious to you as the user! If you’ve got questions about how to do something or why the app is behaving like that, please check out these resources – and let me know what you think, so I can learn what works for you too.


If you’re new to the program, I’ve written an in-depth tutorial to help you learn how to get the most out of StashCache.


Just a quick question?  It might show up over in the frequently asked questions.  If not, feel free to contact me so I can help you out!


Importing information into the stash is easy but requires a certain format. To make it even easier, I’ve made some text files available for download to help you start building your stash, both templates and complete files for some popular stash items (like DMC).


The app logo and icon were designed by Jim Kasper at Jim Kasper Design, who was a pleasure to work with. The phone mockups are from user BenSow on DeviantArt.
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