What a way to wake up!

I woke up this morning to e-mail in my inbox from someone who loves the program but was having a few issues with some crashes and problems with the importer (which can be so very tricky).  I can’t tell you how much that made my day, even as I need to keep working to bring the number of crashes to 0 and make things clearer on the website for users.

In the meantime, I got to meet a fantastic user who has given me some extremely valuable feedback, and two sets of bugfixes have been pushed to Google today (waiting on the second bunch to go live, but it’s in Google’s hands now, not mine).  The importer really is a somewhat finicky piece of code, but the bugs that led to the crashes were hammered out in the first set of fixes. The second set fixed a series of bugs when importing patterns with no thread/embellishment info, which weren’t crashing the app but weren’t importing properly either. (If you’re curious, there’s always info about what’s going on on the project’s Github page.)

I also added a feature that, when creating a new item from an item info page, a lot of the information from that item is copied over into the new one. This should reduce the amount of retyping necessary when creating new items that are similar (like if you want to enter all the DMC colors by hand for some reason). Creating a new item from the list still behaves just like it did.

And I have to say, if I could give users a star rating, she’s earned 5 stars from me! Her patience and assistance is helping me produce a better app for everyone. Thanks so much!


  1. Jo

    I love it and was more then happy to let you know aswell. Thankyou for all the help that you gave me that day. I really hope that your app does well.

    • Linda

      Thank you! My biggest hope is that you find it useful – and maybe a few more folks like you! 🙂

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