Well, take two on the new toy.

As I’ve been working to deal with some of the housework that piled up while I worked on StashCache, I went to clean out the pantry today (and attempt to organize it again, as best it can be organized when it is two cabinets of deep shelves that things invariably get lost in…) and wanted to have the laptop in the kitchen with me so I could chat with a few friends while doing so.

This proved to be a bad plan, as the laptop promptly lost the wifi signal. And again. And again. Every time I took it into the kitchen. (In the standard “when it rains, it pours” fashion, this is also when one of my chat services – the one I use to keep in touch with The Other Half – started to have issues with my client.  As a second issue that also had to be sorted out.) Cue troubleshooting, some quality time with Google, a few naughty words (especially when I managed to uninstall the network drivers and didn’t have the proper ones downloaded to reinstall …oops), and finally a drive back to the store to exchange the laptop.

My best guess is a defective antenna; there was no reason for the behavior I was seeing and indeed, the new one is much, much more stable (and can connect to the main house wifi). The downside is, of course, that now I get to install everything again.

At least I am getting good at it? The development environment is already in place, as are most of the practical programs. Just a few things left, and maybe I will investigate a new e-mail client. (I am not a fan of webmail interfaces, and it appears that Postbox works for Windows…)

In the meantime, StashCache is celebrating over 100 users now! It’s so exciting to see people using the program and most of my feedback has been positive! I’m always interested to hear what folks think of it, so if you are a user, please let me know what you think works and what you might like to see in the future. I promise I don’t bite!

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June 2024