Now the testing (and the website work).

The app is done!  Barring, of course, a major bug cropping up in the testing I’ll do this week.  The difference between where it is now and where it started is amazing and I’m really pleased with how this has turned out. I can’t wait to send it out into the world and see what others think of it – I’m hoping at least one or two folks might find it useful!

In the meantime, the website will also get some attention this week. Now that the screens are set, I can redo all the screenshots and tweak the tutorial to take into account the changes that have been made since I wrote it up. I also need to put together a pass on the FAQs and write up the page about importing and exporting.  In perspective, though, it’s so close!

The sea of white is …not even close.  We travel at the end of this week too, so it’s not likely to see significant progress for a bit; I’ll stick to smaller kits while flying, thanks, and especially with all the white stitching that needs to be done. It’s a shame, because it’s a giant area of essentially filling in the blank spaces …I don’t know. Maybe. It’ll be nice to spend some time stitching again either way, even if it is because I am sitting on a plane at 7am (ugh) traveling 3 time zones the wrong direction (double ugh).

I admit, there are times I could really get behind the concept of abolishing time zones.

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July 2024