New toys! New toys!

Wednesday brought gifts for me, in the form of the DMC color card with floss samples (which will be great for doing some color conversions) and a new laptop. My previous portable “laptop” was the Surface Pro 2 and while there were a lot of features I liked about it, I really missed two things: being able to sit on the couch with my computer on my lap and type (not so easy with the Surface) and a trackpad. I am not a fan of touchscreens when it comes to normal interactions with the desktop.

After doing some looking, I have picked up the HP Spectre x360, which has thus far proven to be a very nice machine indeed. I mostly have it set up at this point, including the ability to edit the app on here as needed (and push updates!) so I am very pleased with that.  The biggest issue has been that it doesn’t want to connect to the main house wi-fi, so instead it is connected to the secondary network. We might try to troubleshoot some of what’s going on with that this weekend, along with some other general “things to do” around the house.

The Surface will get set up as the financial computer (which is used only when dealing with financial websites/records – my other half worked computer security for too long), replacing a desktop that has gotten pretty long in the tooth, as far as computers go. As an added bonus, it will be much easier to evacuate the machine with all our records should it ever prove necessary.

I can hear Esther growling in the kitchen.  I’m not sure I want to know what the furry overlords are up to.

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