Just a few more steps until we’re live.

In a long slog today, I did a final code review and commenting pass on the code for StashCache. One error caught (which left me scratching my head wondering how it happened and how I missed it for so long, but it’s fixed now) and a few spots where things were cleaned up.  More comments added, for clarification or for reminding me of steps that I need to be aware of why they are there. However, at this point the build is, from a coding perspective, the build for the release.

Tomorrow I’ll poke at the manifest stuff to make sure that all lines up with what it should and see about building the release .apk, and creating a developer account on the Google Play Store.  It’s possible the app will be up tomorrow night! Which is both amazing and scary and …well, actually terrifying. I’ve poured an awful lot of my heart into this app and I think it works great – but like anything that you’ve worked incredibly hard on, the idea of hearing criticism of it is a difficult one. It’s my baby, and the Internet is frequently a not-nice place.

On the other hand, it is something I genuinely think people will find useful and it’s a product I can be proud of.  I’ve squashed every bug I’ve found and while things may not have been implemented 100% according to Google’s best practices, I’ve done my best to adhere to them wherever possible (or to have a good reason for violating them where I’ve had to).  I admit I didn’t update the design for 5.0 (although I don’t have it on my phone yet so I can’t feel too guilty about this) but the guts of the app were pretty well written by the time that was released, and in particular the loss of the spinner (in favor of the NavDrawer) …there’s a reason I’m using the spinner, and so it’s staying put. At least, until it no longer works.

The website is pretty much ready too – there’s one or two more small tweaks I’d like to make, but the stuff for StashCache is complete, including the tutorial, FAQs, and page on imports. It’d be nice to pretend that will be the end of it all but once the app is done I just get to switch gears to the after-app to do list, which …I should probably work on writing up.

Maybe I’ll even squeeze in some cross stitching again!

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