E-mail is a good and useful thing, Google.

Google’s daily statistics for StashCache have been somewhat slow to update recently, and I don’t get any e-mail notification of crash reports, so the two that appeared yesterday didn’t get noticed until this evening.  I suppose it’s a given that when it rains, it pours, right?  (Not that we know what rain is here in sunny, drought-stricken CA, but…)

Users do manage to surprise me. One of the bugs was because I was modifying the list while iterating through it (a big no-no), and was relatively easy to fix once I figured out what was actually causing it.  (Google gives me a stack trace, thankfully. I don’t want to think about how awful debugging would be otherwise.)  The other one happens if you set the default fabric count to nothing.  Not 0, not a number, just an empty string. An empty string which, of course, cannot be parsed into an integer, because “” does not resolve to a valid integer. However, since the user did set a value (even if the value was the empty string), the default wasn’t kicking in and instead there was an exception being thrown.  Oops.

The fixes to both are up to the Play Store and trickling through the system.  I’ve tried to edit my preferences so that maybe Google will e-mail me when a crash report comes in, so I can do something about it. I also took the time to go through and leave a response to every one of the reviews I’ve received – it does mean something to me when folks take the time to let me know what they think of the app! I need to spend a little more time poking around with it myself again, and work on getting my stash entered in, especially since there was the stash shopping expedition that just happened and the local needlework store is having a sale this weekend.

The past two days have otherwise been devoted to prep for the upcoming week camping in the mountains with the other half and our travel trailer. We took it out this past weekend to make sure everything was still as it should be, and so this week has been a bunch of checking on food supplies and replacing the old stuff, washing sheets, wiping things down and cleaning, and making sure some of the extraneous things we want to take are all together. I still don’t know where the tarp hooks and stakes are. Hopefully I’ll be able to find them tonight. Tomorrow will be a massive set of grocery runs (after a meeting in the morning) and then there’s still a lot of prep work to get done so I can skip out and do some fun stuff on Saturday.

Looking at this and my goals moving forward and the updates I want to implement in StashCache, I am thinking I may try to hammer out a large update when we get back.  Changeable sorting preferences, selection of previously entered information, ability to set favorites, ability to switch between centimeters and inches, and a tablet specific layout.  We’ll see how realistic achieving all of that is in a week, but if I can get that hammered out then I’ll have two weeks where I can easily monitor crash reports before there is more travel coming up. Fingers crossed.

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