Can a routine be disrupted if I don’t really have one?

My other half – whether he is the better or worse half I leave for you to debate – had knee surgery on Friday. On both knees. Needless to say (haha, see what I did there?), this has been a huge disruption to even the small routine that exists here. From the 4am wake-up on Friday to make it to the surgery center to the fact that movement is difficult (although thankfully not impossible), I have been picking up a lot of what he normally does.

Of course, there has been time spent hanging out on the couch with him as well, browsing Pinterest on the iPad. There’s some good to Pinterest but there’s definitely the bad side of it too, as many cross stitchers know. Or heck, most anyone interested in copyright. I admit I find it useful to pull together what I am interested in for things like decorating or house building (for the future when we get to do that) and sometimes even cross stitch items (but I will never, ever pin a chart unless it is a freebie).

I don’t know how other folks like to use Pinterest but I prefer to pin everything to a temporary board (creatively named “Temp”) where I can then sort through and change the captions to reflect why I found it interesting/wanted to pin it/etc. It’s a little more work but it means the words that end up on my board are mine.

Maybe today I will look at food and recipes on Pinterest. There’s still laundry to be done, and dinner to cook this evening, and any number of other small things. I have to try and find some sort of routine again…

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June 2024