Anyone seen my mojo?

My stitching mojo is not with this piece. Granted, I have been busy on any number of other things, which is why it is almost midnight and I have just finished up the to do list for the day, but. I have at least put a few stitches in on it this weekend, which moves it just a little bit closer to done.

I was thinking some today about the sorting in StashCache, and how to implement it so that the user can choose between different sorting schemes. Thinking through how I did things, it should be doable without too much adaptation, although I’m not sure where the selection for sort order will end up being. Of course, I should also provide a way for users to mark patterns as favorites, which are placed at the top of the list independent of sorting.

That, of course, ends up being a little trickier.  Still doable, just trickier and will take a little longer to implement. I have some ideas on where to start with it at least, but I’m thinking it will be time for me to learn what I am doing with branching in Git a little better when I start implementing that.

I also am seeing enough users with tablets that I should get the tablet layout implemented, although …well, that’s just going to be fun. Where by fun I mean some of the design tradeoffs I had to make are going to come back and bite me, I think. It’s still doable, just another of those things that will take some time.

In the meantime there is a pile of things to do around the house that got ignored in the lead-up to getting the app released, and the husband is still recovering (although doing much better at this point). The feature thoughts are percolating while I tackle some of that to do list, although I’m keeping an eye out for bug reports so I can get those fixed quickly.

It’s just about time to go keep an eye out for my pillow, though. Grocery list is made, so tomorrow are grocery runs. Fingers remain crossed that the supplies today allow me to rain death upon the ants, at long last.

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