I love the word eclectic.

Just say it out loud. How can you not love a word that sounds like that?

Not to mention the definition: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. I’ve never met a word that describes me better. Except, well, geek.

Photography (and me!) at Valley of the Gods.

I like geysers. I cross stitch a lot. Travel is fun. Food is tasty. I’m slowly teaching myself my way around a camera (and most comfortable behind it). If I haven’t packed a Kindle and my smartphone, I’m not ready to leave the house. I have three degrees in three different fields but have decided I’m most interested in software development. Sometimes one or more of these interests intersect (see StashCache).

I’m ruled by three furry overlords and married to my best friend. He probably wishes I would go see more than one movie a year but I can still recite Star Wars by heart. I’m much more interested in being true to myself than acting my age.

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