Well, that went a little long.

I set a goal in the beginning of July to try to post to the blog twice a week.


Well, here I am after a whirlwind of cross country trips.  Back to NJ, drive to CA, fly to WI, fly back from WI, fly to NV, fly back from NV, drive around CA some more… it was a crazy month and a half.  But!  My sister now lives in CA, at least for the next ten months, so I have a cross stitching buddy!  I also had plenty of time to stitch, and am onto the backstitching!

Only, I have found a mistake and it bugs me so much, I may need to frog a bit and fix it.

I know.

I’ve also been trying to focus some on making headway on writing fiction.  I’ll admit this currently has priority over StashCache, although I continue to monitor for bugs and still have a huge list of features I would like to implement eventually!  The reality is, however, that StashCache doesn’t make any contributions to the family finances, and our hope is that the writing will.  In return, however, I can offer the news that there are several new stash building files available for download, including Kreinik, Gloriana, Needlepoint Silks, and Dinky Dyes!  Check them out over on the imports page.

Hopefully now that the travel chaos has somewhat settled down, I can start to make some progress on some other things. Fingers crossed!

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