Well, I didn’t expect to blow through that milestone quite like that.

When I last checked on Thursday night, Google was delaying the statistics but I was sitting at 195 users and looking forward to breaking 200.

I just checked, and as of Friday it’s gone up to 275. Wow.

Just. Wow.

(The developer in me is running around in a panic that I have somehow missed several giant crucial bugs and all these new users are going to find them for me just as I go out of e-mail/computer access for a week. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Also I turned on the e-mail auto-responder and it’s mentioned in the most recent update and now this post here. Deep breaths.)

So to any and all of my new users who read this, welcome! I’d love to know how you’ve heard about this app and what you think. Overall I’d like to make it as great an experience for you as possible while keeping my sanity intact, so please feel free to offer your feedback! 🙂 Just know that a response won’t be coming until a week from tomorrow at the earliest, unless I can’t take it anymore and sneak checking my e-mail when I have cell service.

(I did go up to the local needlework store today for their sale. I did my part to keep them in business, and also got to show off the app there, so once I am back from out of town she’s getting an e-mail – she said she’d put a note in her newsletter for me! And even more helpfully, she’s willing to share the text data for threads from different companies so I can hopefully build some more robust files for import – and maybe figure out how to show them as available for import inside the app. Fingers crossed that won’t be too complicated, because I’m not sure people are finding them on the website.)

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