Technical difficulties, aisle one.

Apologies in advance because this will probably veer into Android gibberish for most of you, but I’m hoping writing it down will help make sense of it.  At least some of it.

It turns out that Samsung’s default file manager, as included in their phones, doesn’t respond (or at least didn’t in the past, which matters when you are supporting phones beyond just the current top of the line) to the ACTION_GET_CONTENT intent.  Head, meet desk.  Some time this evening with my favorite search engine and iterating on terms turned up something that I think will be useful when writing a solution that fits the program, but I am very grateful to the user who let me know about this issue.  That’s the kind of thing that is pretty much impossible for me to find on my own, because it relies on having the Samsung special apps (and only theirs, no other apps that can handle it on the phone) installed, and my only Samsung device in the past 5+ years has been the Galaxy Nexus.

Which is plugged in and charging so I can stick the app on it to hopefully try and reproduce a different bug which has been reported, where I really have no idea what might be going on.  I don’t know why the spinner menu wouldn’t let someone switch back to the stash list after selecting the master list, but if there is someone out there who is reading this and has experienced this bug (and hasn’t contacted me about it), please let me know.  Helpful information would include: your phone or tablet model, the operating system you are using (Android 4.1?  4.2?).

Extra bonus helpful information includes answers to the following questions:

  • What happens when you try to switch to the shopping list instead of back to the stash?
  • When it won’t switch, does the text in the spinner change?
  • Does the problem persist when you rotate your device from portrait to landscape (or vice versa)?

An extra-special thanks to the user who reported this – even when the e-mail has a bug report, hearing from anyone using my app always makes me want to skip around the house singing “somebody likes it” at the top of my lungs.  Pretty much the only reward I get for this is the feedback from folks using it, so it makes my day when it happens.  🙂

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