I come equipped with flyswatter.

Today I managed to plow through a non-trivial number of bugfixes, starting with one relating to a crash report that came in last night and then branching off from there into another 2-3 semi-related ones. Two were very similar in source but had to be handled differently because of the fragment being nested versus not (or rather, I suspect the second implementation could have worked for both but involved slightly more code, where the first implementation was easier and worked just fine in the first circumstance).

In at least one case, there was someone on Stack Overflow who described the exact problem I was seeing but had no solutions posted. I did figure that one out, at least; I may decide at some point if I want to create an account and post my solution. It seems unlikely that this is a major thing for folks, though, and the comments on the original question do point the way to the solution, however obliquely.

Still, it feels good to have hammered out those, especially as things creep up towards the first 100 users. (We are past 100 downloads but that includes people who have uninstalled the app, so.) At least that was something accomplished today, where far too much of my time has slipped away without my awareness or focus.

Although I can account for at least 30 minutes trying to figure out if pine needles were lodged in the dryer lint vent and were going to set the house on fire if the husband did laundry tonight.  It turns out the little plastic hedgehogs that were tossed in with the feather pillows were giving up their spikes, and it was those I heard, not pine needles. Still, tomorrow I will go see if I can find a piece of flexible 1″ tubing that I can tape to the vacuum and clean out the dryer lint vent.

And I keep checking on his laundry every 10 minutes to make sure I don’t smell smoke.

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