Enough feature creep, we are almost there…

This has been a serious coding binge, but oh man. I’ve implemented a notes section for a project (associated with the fabric because that is where the finish info is tracked), dates to track when you started and finished a project, fixed several major bugs (including a nasty one that caused crashes during a common use-case scenario) and even more minor ones (some small edge cases are no longer slipping through on sorting).

I’m drawing the line. At this point, the only things left before I am going with this for release are: the help screen, making a few adjustments to where menus show up, and an update to the logo on the loading screen.  Also, a serious commenting and clean-up pass, but that’s a given.  At this point, if I never did a substantial feature update once it is on the Google Play store, I could live with that. It’s something I can be proud of.

I’d really wanted to finish it today, honestly, and have this weekend to enjoy doing other things including stitching (which has suffered immensely because I can’t do that and code), but …I also want to do something else that is not coding for a bit. Tomorrow will be a day around kilts (hooray for Highland games) and then maybe I will work on the help screen on Sunday. That’s the biggest of the remaining tasks.

In the meantime, I will watch a little more hockey today (excellent background noise while coding, plus playoffs), and look at patterns (I am undecided on the new Mirabilia), and go to bed at a reasonable time.

…well, reasonable for me.

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June 2024