Another bug squashed.

I got another bug report yesterday, and worked to get that squished, both in the immediate location where it was reported and in other places where it could happen.  I had forgotten to check for null when the user didn’t set the type/source of threads or embellishments, and that could cause a crash when exporting. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten that all fixed now, though, and the fix is up on Google and being distributed to users.

We’re trying to figure out the plan for today and I am not sure what it will be. The Other Half wants to do a bike ride, of some sort, and I suppose it would be good for me. On the flip side, this will not contribute to either talking with my sister when she is back online or doing any cross stitch, which hasn’t happened much this week in favor of things like “reducing my unread email count to zero” or “cleaning out the box of batteries that has sat in the entryway for a year.”

On the plus side, the kittens have a new cat tower, bringing their count to two. We do spoil the furry children…

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